How To Install OpenVPN on VPS CentOS 5 & 6 FIX Any Error

In the name of Allah , the beneficen, the merciful
Assalamualaikum. Some people have trouble for install this APP on VPS, but i have good news for this trouble. Lets check it, :)
First you must have a VPS to install this App, Important XD lol Lets Check you OS, use this code

This Code show you OS version, 5 or 6 and rune base 32 or 64 bit, for info, you can search on google. :). Lets make sure the tunTAP is Active
cat /dev/net/tun
Now make sure the message is file descriptor in bad stateNext
Next For all centOS 5
All CentOS 6
Ignore if it fails, lets go to next step, If error, use this code for manual download
Lets edit config file for ONLY CentOS 6 Note, this use a nano app, if you use other app use it.
Cose line
Save it, Ctrl+x Y enter. Next Move to directory and lets Copas this Code
Enter it, and just fill in the form COMMON NAME. And next step
Important, Just enter it. And copas this code again, :D
Make respond to Tuntap Driver Make A server Config Forwarding port Ip tables route rules Lets start it If error, lets chek it Just press page down, lest search error log from openvpn. If error can't load plugin, lets download manual this plugin Lets edit config file Now make the config file And now pack the config file Download it from you browser like this http://you.ipVPS/config.tar.gz Ok, this end for this tutor, :) original Post And this Video created by Me. Im use Indonesian language.


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