Are Cheap Airsoft Guns Reliable?

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These are the cheapest airsoft guns you can get. An internal spring shoots the pellet from the gun. They're single shot guns which means you'll need to cock the gun each time you want to fire one of the plastic bbs. This can get annoying at times but these guns can be purchased for just a few dollars.

Gas powered models add one immediate feature - automatic fire. With a gas powered airsoft rifle or pistol you don't need to cock the gun each time because it has a gas charge built in. These are far more powerful than most spring airsoft guns and slightly more expensive. This extra power comes at an added expense - the gas needs to be refilled. This can be achieved with co2 cartridges or a portable hand pump. For the added expense gas airsoft guns definitely feel more like the "real thing".

And finally the electric airsoft gun. Also known as AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) these are the top of the range when it comes to airsoft guns. Each AEG has a tiny but very powerful motor inside which powers the firing mechanism. There is still a spring inside an AEG but this is controlled by the electronic motor to achieve high rates of fully automatic fire. One of the really neat things about this type of airsoft gun is that it can be loaded with miniature paintballs. A word of warning however - if a paintball breaks inside an AEG it can clog up the entire firing mechanism meaning you'll have to strip the gun down and clean it.

So with airsoft guns it's best not to focus on the word cheap. What you're looking for is value for money and the features that suit you most. You can buy an airsoft gun for less than $20. That doesn't make it cheap - just very good value for money. Regardless of the cost of your airsoft gun once your friends see your new "toy" they'll want one too!


Crosman 357 said…
Cheap airsoft guns does not mean low quality.
airsoft pistols said…
I don't think that cheap airsoft guns are reliable.
If you want quality work than you must purchase the good airsoft gun only.
andrew siddle said…
You should just purchase a Airsoft Guns that very closely fits your requirements.
Yes, what you said is absolutely true:) I feel Spring Airsoft guns are best suitable for kids because, it’s harmless and safe also:)
Anonymous said…
many airsoft gun from china, Price Start from $5 :-D
carina said…
Many people have to take into consideration price when they want an airsoft guns and they want the highest quality their money can pay for. But it doesn't mean that buying cheap has no quality. Affordable airsoft guns are probably the most well made gun that you can buy.
This is really great informative article Airsoft guns are replicates of modern real world guns usually. They are made as to not hurt mortally unlike their real counterparts. These guns were designed perhaps as toys and recreational items.

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